Most TOXIC & epic airsoft moments 2022 (TRY NOT TO LAUGH)

il y a 1 année 156

Try not to laugh as airsoft hide & seek champion Kicking Mustang shares his most toxic and epic moments of 2022. Airsoft Milsim in France (CHEATERS BUSTED): Airsoft at Insane field in Africa: More insane Africa Milsim: Airsoft Trolls accuse me of cheating: Insane Minigun gameplay: He is wearing the KMCS Ghillie Suit enhanced with KMCS Winter Crafting packs available at Empire Airsoft UK, Mantis Concept Brothers GR, ESC Works IT, 1 Shot Airsoft CAD, Amped Airsoft & Airsoft Junkiez USA. (See pinned comment for direct link) FOLLOW ME: ⏺ Facebook: ⏺ Instagram: Kickingmustang ⏺ Twitter: Kickingmustang
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