Ripcord Industries SBR W/ Aimpoint Duty RDS and B.E Meyers MAWL DA

il y a 2 mois 50

This is the current rifle im running on patrol. The base rifle is an SBR from Ripcord industries with an 11.5in criterion barrel. I wanted to test the waters and I added an adjustable BCG from bootleg industries and to be honest, I'm loving how smooth the gun shoots. I have the Aimpoint duty RDS on a scalar works 1.93 risers and with this combination, it brings the optic up to a little higher than 2in. Paired with the duty RDS I also have an Aimpoint 3X magnifier on a unity mount. On the front of the gun, I have a Modlite, a B.E Meyers MAWL DA, and a Dual LOK suppressor from Griffin Armament. If you're looking for a discount on the patches I'm wearing on my vests, use the coupon code "milspecmojo" over at LINK TO MY EYEPRO! LINK TO MY HOLSTER! Use the Code "mojo" to save some money at Big Tex Ordnance SHIRTS!: Follow me on Twitch! Refactor Tactical Targets: "mojo"
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