The SIG SPEAR LT in 5.56, the Gen 3 MCX

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The SIG MCX SPEAR LT in 5.56 is a soon to be released weapon that owes it's origins to both the NGSW program as well as recent SOCOM solicitations. It is the latest generation of SIG's MCX lineup of rifles and takes the weapon in a more professional direction. The SPEAR LT significantly reduces the weapon's weight from the Virtus lineup while giving more features that the Military / We asked for. I hope you'll join us as we go over SIG's newest offering; the MCX SPEAR LT. 00:00 MCX SPEAR LT Epic opening shooting sequence, probably saving the world 01:14 MCX SPEAR LT Review begins 03:03 FULL DISCLOSURE 04:30 Where did the MCX SPEAR LT come from? History 06:58 MCX SPEAR LT Muzzle Device / Suppressor 09:22 MCX SPEAR LT Barrel 10:39 MCX SPEAR LT Weight 11:39 MCX SPEAR LT Why choose a Piston operating system? 13:15 MCX SPEAR LT vs AR-15 recoil 14:48 MCX SPEAR LT Handguard 16:40 MCX SPEAR LT Accuracy 17:15 MCX SPEAR LT Operating System 18:50 Replacable parts for longevity of system 19:55 MCX SPEAR LT Ease of Malfunction clearing 21:40 MCX SPEAR LT Trigger improvements 23:30 MCX SPEAR LT Final Thoughts Patreon Signup - Onward Research SDI School: Xidax Computers: Insta: GarandThumb on Facebook:
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